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Question: So what is the Adoption Summit? 
Answer: The Adoption Summit is a digital conference where everyone who is interested in adoption-related topics can listen and be taught by adoption community experts for free. The subject matter is not assigned but is prepared by the speakers themselves.

Question: When is the Adoption Summit?
Answer: The Adoption Summit will go live on September 23-28, 2019. 

Question: How do I participate in the Adoption Summit?
Answer: Since the Adoption Summit is online, you will—of course—need a computer, phone, or some other type of device that will allow you to view the summit digitally. 

How much does the Adoption Summit cost?
Answer: The Adoption Summit is FREE! Yes, you read that right. Each day as the videos are being released live, they will be free. After that, you must upgrade to the All-Access Pass to watch the videos. Click here to view the All-Access Pass.

Question: What is the All-Access Pass? 
Answer: The All-Access Pass is available to those who would like to view the videos after the summit is over. Those who upgrade to the All-Access Pass will be able to view all of the videos released during the summit dates for a year. After 12 months have passed since the upgrade, access will no longer be allowed. Additionally, those who upgrade to the All-Access Pass will receive 7 eBooks regarding adoption topics, access to a private Facebook group to connect with other summit attendees and ask questions to the speakers, an "I Love Adoption" Adoption Summit t-shirt, adoption symbol necklace, adoption and search and reunion checklists, and 50% your first month of Parent Profiles Gold or Platinum Package, and transcript and audio files of the presentations. View the All-Access Pass here.

Question: Can I watch the video presentations after the summit is over?
Answer: Yes. However, the videos will no longer be free to watch. If there is a particular presentation that you'd like to watch, and the summit is over after September 23-28, 2019, you can upgrade your FREE ticket to the All-Access Pass to watch the videos after the summit is over. 

Question: How long does my All-Access Pass last?
Answer: Your All-Access Pass will last for a period of 12 months. After that, you will no longer be able to view all of the videos. 

Question: Who will be presenting?
Answer: Presenters at the Adoption Summit are individuals who are either adoption professionals, adoption leaders, social workers, influencers, authors, lawyers, adoptive parents, birth parents, or other adoption experts. 

Question: Who is hosting the Adoption Summit? 
Answer: Nathan Gwilliam, the founder and CEO of, is hosting the Adoption Summit. Amanda Winsor is the Adoption Summit Executive Director. Caroline Hibbard is the Editor. Jules Phelps is the Creative Director. Joseph Yarrington is the Marketing Manager.

Question: How can I become a speaker at the Adoption Summit?
Answer: If you're interested in speaking in this Adoption Summit or future Adoption Summits, please email!
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