Adoption Summit is the largest FREE online adoption conference brought to you by—the world's most-used adoption site. From the convenience of your home, on September 23-27, 2019, you can watch 50+ presentations from adoption community leaders and experts.  Join us. 
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The #1 adoption website is hosting the largest, FREE virtual adoption summit. Come listen to 50+ adoption experts share their knowledge and insights. 

Members of the adoption community are invited to watch the virtual summit for FREE on September 23-27, 2019, or for a small fee, you can purchase an All-Access Pass to get access to the summit videos for 12 months along with a variety of other benefits. 
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At the Adoption Summit, you can learn...
  • How the adoption process works (international/domestic).
  • How to find your biological family with DNA testing. 
  • What to look for in an adoption professional. 
  • How to navigate the home study process.
  • How to have patience in the adoption process. 
  • What happens when a birth parent revokes the adoption.
  • Moving on from infertility to adoption.
  • Training for individuals working with at-risk children
  • How to protect yourself against adoption scams.
  • The culture of black hair care
  • How to navigate post-adoption.
  • How to create an awesome adoption profile. 
  • How to pay for your adoption.
  • The impact of the Internet on adoption.
  • Digital marketing strategies to find adoption situations. 
  • Adoption fraud and other adoption-related crimes. 
  • How to have a stronger, more connected adoptive family. 
  • Why consequences/rewards don't work for a hurting child
  • Marketing secrets for adoption agencies.
  • Essential insights into a transracial adoption.
  • How to apply for an adoption grant
  • And much, much, more! 
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Books Written by Adoption Summit Speakers
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Adoption Summit Speakers
David Barnett
CORE Family Resources
Kristopher Bennett
Director of Growth for
Elizabeth Berkowitz
Attorney, Member of the Florida Adoption Council, and serves on the Board of the Directors for the Florida Adoption Council, as the Treasurer
Tasha Blaine, LMSW
Manager of Spence-Chapin’s Post-Adoption Support Services Department
John R. Brooks
Senior Financial Executive in the Media Finance Industry, Advocacy Around Suicide Awareness
& Prevention, & Author
Birney Bull
Former President of the Board of Savannah Care Center, a Crisis Pregnancy Center
Michelle-Madrid Branch
Author, Speaker, International Adoptee, 
Global Adoption Advocate
Denalee Chapman
Published Author, Speaker, 
Adoptive Mom
Shirlee Davidson
Client Services Director for
Kelly Ellison
Founder of Your Adoption Finance Coach
Angie Elliston
Adoptive Parent of 13 & Adoption Advocate
Alison England
 LMSW, Adoptive Mom, Best-Selling Author in Christian Adoption, Co-founded Momentum Adoptions and Professor at Arizona 
State University
Beth Friedberg, LCSW
Associate Director of Spence-Chapin’s Post-Adoption Support Services Department, Former Therapist, Parent Educator, & Coach
 Tricia Goyer
Author of more than 70 books, USA Today Best-Selling Author, Won Two Carol Awards, Retailer’s Best Award, Writer of the Year from the Mt. Hermon Christian Writers Conference
 Karen Greenberg
 Partner at Konowitz & Greenberg, Wellesley
 Hills, MA
Rebecca Gruenspan
Founder of RG Adoption Consulting, Single Adoptive Mother
 Deb Guston
New Jersey Attorney, Former President of the Academy of Adoption, & Assisted 
Reproduction Attorneys
Nathan Gwilliam
Founder and CEO for
 Anne Gyemant Paris
Founder & Managing Attorney of 
Gyemant Paris Law
Caroline Hibbard
Editor and Content Manager for
 Richard Hill
Author & First Adoptee known to Identified Birth Family through Genetic Genealogy DNA Testing
 Tamra Hyde
Birth Mother, Advocate for Adoption, and Motivational Speaker
Lauren Jiang, MSW
Director of Permanency & Client Services at Spence-Chapin
Laura Johnson
Director of Texas Adoption Home Studies 
& Licensed Professional Counselor
Deanna Kahler
Proud Mom & Freelance Writer
Mark Lacava, LCSW-R
Executive Vice President of Spence-Chapin’s Post-Adoption Support Services Department
 Coleen Lahr
Author & Adoptive Mother
Neeraj Malve
VP of Development & Systems Admin 
Samantha Morgan
Adoptive Mom, Infertility Survivor, & Writer
Brian Murphy
Director of Programs and Marketing for the 
Gift of Adoption
Alice Murray
Adoption Attorney,  Author, Speaker
Herbie Newell
President/Executive Director of Lifeline 
Children’s Services
KelLee Parr
Author, Teacher, & Former Agriculture Missionary in Guatemala
Jules Phelps
Creative Director for
 Marcy Pusey
Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, Speaker, Coach, & Best-Selling Author
 Christy Reppe
Post-Adoption Coordinator for the Post-Adoption Resource Center of Wisconsin, Serving the Adoption Triad & Adoptive Parents
 Marianne Richmond
Best-Selling Author & Artist 
 Jill Robbins
Adoptive Parent, Air Force Veteran, and Author
Katherine Roth
Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Adoption Competent Certified in Florida & Co-Founder of Foundations for Growth
Jennifer Schneider
Executive Director of For His Children, a Christian children’s home in Ecuador 
 Lisa Simpson
Owner and Attorney of Simpson Law Firm
 Nicole Skellenger
Worked in Intercountry Adoption, Attorney,  Former Executive Director of an Indiana Adoption Agency
Shelley Skuster
Award-Winning Television News Reporter, Adoptive Mother, Writer
Chrystal Smith
Founder and CEO of Foster Village Inc., a nonprofit organization that supports 
children in foster care
 Kanisha Tillman
Owner of Tutus & Tennis Shoes LLC (TTS)
Lindsy Wallace
Writer, Speaker, Adoptive Mom, 
Podcast Creator
 Sara Ward
Writer, Adoption Advocate, & Adoptive Mom
Tracy Whitt
Writer,  Speaker, & Advocate of Adopted, Foster, & Autistic Children
Amanda Winsor
Adoption Coaching & Customer Service Director for 
Nicole Witt
Executive Director of The Adoption Consultancy
David White
Developed Fostering Great Ideas in 2010, 
MBA & MSW in Child Welfare & Professor teaching Social Impact

 Katie Zimmerman
 Chief Executive Officer/Founder of Purl 
Adoption Advisory
 Sharlie Zinnegar
Author & Adoptive Parent
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About the Adoption Summit... is the world's most-visited adoption site. And for the very first time, we are producing Adoption Summit--a free, online adoption conference. Our mission is to give a platform to adoption experts and leaders to share their insights with members of the adoption community. Whether you are an adoptee or birth parent searching for your biological family, a hopeful adoptive parent just getting into the world of adoption, an adoption professional, or expectant mother who has a lot of questions regarding the adoption process, we're here to help each and every one of you. 

That's why we created the Adoption Summit. 

We have gathered a group of leading experts who know adoption. They know what to look for in selecting an adoption agency, how to find your birth family through DNA testing, how to use search angels, the secrets of completing the home study, how to connect with your adopted child, how to finance your adoption, and much, much more. 

We know that for most members of the adoption community, it would be impossible to drive to a specific location to attend this summit if it wasn't online. For a physical event, you might spend many hundreds of dollars on travel, housing, and food. So we decided to create a virtual adoption summit to help you have more convenient access to learn from leading adoption experts. 

Welcome to the Adoption Summit
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